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Residential Internet Plans

Available Residential Plans, Speed and Pricing

Texas Broadband offers a wide range of wireless coverage providing local areas with the fastest wireless internet speeds available. We offer you the best price! Our prices are competitive and include unlimited data usage! Get broadband speeds at your home. Stream live sports, watch movies and download large files.

Texas Broadband Residential Internet Plans

Residential Plan

Texas Broadband access speeds are considerably fast. With these speeds, subscribers have the ability to download large files, enjoy an enhanced online experience, stream live sports, watch movies, download files faster and be more productive.

We can deliver up to 5 Mbps or more, right to your home with our wireless residential service. This service is perfect for users who want an “always on” connection. Downloads take just moments, this technology has the ability to provide pure high speed internet access where it otherwise would not be available.

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Texas Broadband offers a variety of residential packages based on each customer’s specific needs. Please refer to the pricing table below for residential  package information.


Up to 1.5 mbps/Per month

Perfect for your basic Internet needs
General use
Browsing and downloads

Upto 3 mbps/Per Month

The power to take control
Frequent downloading of videos
Download images quick

Upto 5mbps/Per Month

Fully powered for your needs
Virtually any internet task
Work or play
Now download huge data files
Great for multiple computer users

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